Frequently Asked Questions

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+ How do I eat the washboard waffles?

You can eat them cold, room temperature, or hot right off your waffle iron. Washboard waffles can be eaten stand alone as a meal or snack or be used with various fillings and or toppings for a great sweet treat or tasty healthy meal.

+ Can I eat washboard waffles if I’m trying to lose weight?

Yes, eat them for a great healthy breakfast and/or during the day as a snack for great way to keep the metabolism burning and stave off cravings. Washboard waffles are nutritious and satiating filled with protein, fiber, good healthy fats. The perfect food for a hectic healthy lifestyle!

+ I am trying to gain muscle, is washboard waffles a good food for that?

Yes, washboard waffles is a nutritious protein rich food that will provide your body with the necessary nutrients to support muscle growth. Eat a serving before and/or directly after your workouts. Two servings of washboard waffles gives you a whopping 44 grams of protein from milk protein isolate, together with healthy fats. For more energy, add some peanut butter.

+ If I make them all ahead of time, how do I travel with them safely?

Yes, just put them in an air tight container or a plastic bag. Keep them with you and do not leave them out in heat or in your car. Washboard waffles do not contain any preservatives, so if they are not going to be eaten right away, keep them in a cooler of refrigerator.

+ How do I store the finished product?

Keep them in the refrigerator til you are ready to eat them, or freeze them and let them thaw overnight in the refrigerator. If you freeze washboard waffles, they will keep to 6 months, and the cinnamon flavor will actually get even better!

+ Can I carry them with me?

Yes, just beware of leaving them in the heat. The washboard waffle & pancake mix is free of artificial anything including preservatives.

+ How long can I keep washboard waffles in the fridge?

They will keep for 2 weeks in the fridge.

+ How do you make them without flour?

They are made with 3 whole unprocessed grains (oats, barley and rye) and a whole flaxseed. We do not process any of the ingredients.

+ How many waffles can I eat in a serving?

Each serving is 4 whole waffles, or 8 waffle sticks.

+ How much protein and carbs do I get from one serving?

Each serving provides 22 gram high quality protein (from milk protein isolate) and 22-26 g low glycemic carbs (depending on flavor).

+ Do they have fiber in them?

Yes, 5 gram per serving

+ Where does the fat come from?

The flaxseed, which contains good healthy fats.

+ If I mix the dry and wet ingredients in a bowl without a blender, why do I need to let it sit overnight before I cook my waffles?

Letting your batter sit will give the grain an opportunity to open up and absorb some of the liquids. If you stir, shake, or mix then cook right away, the batter will be too thin to form properly into a waffle. It may work for pancake batter but you will find the end result will to be crepe thin and crunchy.

+ Does it make a difference in the finished waffles if I mix the dry and wet ingredients by hand or using a blender?

Yes, when blending the grains they open up and absorb the liquds, making the batter thicker, therefore your washboard waffles will be thicker. The grains will open when you mix the batter by hand, but you will find the waffle is more grainy and a bit thinner in consistency.

+ Does it matter if I use egg white substitute or egg whites from fresh eggs?

The only difference you will find is that the fresh cracked egg white batter and finished washboard waffle using the fresh cracked egg whites will have a fluffier texture than that of the egg white substitute.

+ Can I use whole eggs instead of separated whites if I want?

It is not recommended. The batter from the whole egg will be to thick to cook, and have an extremely eggy taste.

+ Do I need to spray cooking oil on the waffle iron before I put on the batter?

Yes, it is recommended that you spray the waffle maker lightly before laying new batter into the iron.

+ On the package it says to add 1 cup of egg whites (or egg white substitute). If I separate out the egg white from the yolk myself (not using egg white substitute) how may eggs do I need to get 1 cup of egg whites?

1 cup of egg whites corresponds to about 6 separated eggs.

+ How many weight watchers points are in a serving?

One serving washboard waffles or pancakes corresponds to 3 weight watchers points.