Celebrities Eating Washboard Waffles

Think being a famous athlete, model, actor, actress, or fitness professional is all glitter and glam? Long working hours, constant travelling, and pressure to perform at the top can only be made easy with proper diet and workouts. Washboard Waffles makes like a bit easier for many celebrites to stay fit and always look good, while enjoying the food they eat to maintain those incredible physiques!

So who's eating The Washboard Waffle for breakfast, on the go, late night or as a perfect snack food while staying fit with Wacky Waffle?

Todays finest!!!!     (Click the names for more info)

+ Mario Lopez - Knock Out Fitness

Mario Lopez is an actor, television personality, dancer, and all-around entertainer who is perhaps best known for his roles on the popular comedy series "Saved by the Bell" and "Dancing with the Stars". He is also a host of Extra’s Weekend Edition and the Miss America and Miss Teen USA pageants. Viewers around the world have come to love his electric personality and charm. He lives in Los Angeles, California.

The Washboard Waffle & Pancake Mix is recommended by Mario Lopez in his book "Knockout Fitness"!

+ Kyle Neven

Kyle Neven began his life as an athlete competing in Gymnastics and Springboard Diving at age 5 and has worked in the fitness industry since he was 15. As well as being an original cast member of the first nationally televised fitness program Body Electric when he was just 16, Kyle was one of the first Step Reebok Instructors under the direction of Gin Miller back when we all called it "Bench Class".

During and after University, Kyle worked exclusively with his brother Stan Stewart who was a promising Baseball Pitcher and who went on to play Pro for the Yankees...and after studying Exercise Physiology at the University of Tennessee, has since trained many of today's top professional athletes from not only the Yankees but Cleveland Browns, Florida Gators and Sydney Swans Rugby team.

Currently Kyle is in high demand as a celebrity trainer on screen and off and develops group exercise programs for Equinox Fitness. Kyle teaches some of the most popular classes in the country and has been busy promoting his newest creation "Gyromania" - a revolutionary 3-dimensional Gyrokinetic cardio/sculpt class utilizing a weighted hula-hoop and has invented his own hoop, "The Power Hoop" especially for the fitness industry and this revolutionary apparatus is quickly becoming the latest rage...just go check your local newsstand and it's hard to find a fitness or lifestyle magazine that does not mention Gyromania.

Kyle Neven has had numerous appearances on TV including Good Morning America, Extra, Fit TV and is currently the on-camera trainer for Ballroom Bootcamp on TLC. Kyle has also been featured in People, Angeleno, Fitness, Fit, TV Guide, Self, Men's Exercise (Kyle was also the cover model), Out, HQ, Blue, Cream and Los Angeles Times. Lastly, Kyle has just been signed to a Multi Media production contract where a TV show, VOD, Internet Broadcast, G3 mobile package will all join together to launch the Kyle Neven Brand of Fitness.

+ Amy Dixon (Women's Health)

Amy Dixon is one of the most dynamic fitness instructors and Master Trainers in the industry today. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in exercise physiology. Amy is the official spokesperson for Women’s Health Magazine, a fitness and nutrition educator at the college level, a personal trainer, a cardiac rehab specialist, a fitness DVD star and choreographer, a BOSU Master Trainer, a Schwinn Cycling Master Trainer, a GRAVITY Master Trainer, and the writer and former director of a wellness program established for the national organization called Senior Friends.

+ Johnny Galecki

Johnny Galecki is an American actor. He is best known for his roles as David Healy in the sitcom "Roseanne", and as Leonard Hofstadter, the leading actor, in the CBS sitcom "The Big Bang Theory".

+ Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Christine Cuoco is an American television actress, perhaps best known for her supporting role as Bridget Hennessy on the ABC sitcom "8 Simple Rules". She is also known for her role as Billie Jenkins on the WB hit series "Charmed" and she can be currently seen on "The Big Bang Theory" with Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons.

+ David O Russell (director/producer/writer)

David Owen Russell directed and wrote "Three Kings" and the existential comedy "I Love Huckabees"

+ Clay Moser - Head Coach of an NBA D-League basketball team

Clay Moser is a NBA advance scout and the current head coach of the Rio Grande Valley Vipers of the NBA Developmental League.

+ TJ Storm

T.J Storm is an actor, who as a child earned a dance scholarship and trained in Jazz and Ballet. T.J. Storm went on to train in several martial arts styles for over 19 years. He was able to earn belts in Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, Arashi-Ryu Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Ninjitsu, and Jujitsu. His skills at martial arts also led to him being inducted into the Martial Arts Masters Hall of fame no fewer than three times. At this time he also put his dance skills to good use, starring in many music videos. Storm soon decided to pursue a career in acting, and he managed to find supporting roles in several big budget Hollywood films, including Bloodrayne, Miss Cast Away, and the upcoming Punisher: War Zone, a film adaptation of Marvel Comics famed vigilante anti-hero, in which he will play Maginty, a black Irish crime lord. He has also lent his voice and provided motion capture for several video games, the most notable of which are Dead Rising and Devil May Cry 4.


+ Mark Blount - NBA Miami Heat

Mark D. Blount is an American professional basketball player in the NBA for the Miami Heat. Blount played his collegiate basketball at the University of Pittsburgh before being drafted 54th overall in the 1997 NBA Draft by the Seattle SuperSonics. Blount is a 7'0" (2.13 m) tall center and weighs 250 lb (113 kg).

+ Dr Michael Siebert

Dr. Michael Siebert, Optometric Physician. Michael Siebert, optometric physician, specializes in helping children with vision-related learning disabilities.

"I love washboard waffles! The quality of the product impressess me, as well as, the love and energy that goes into making this tremendously healthy snack or meal. I never use white flour or sugar so I love them for their whole grains and agave. I recommend them to my diabetic patients due to agave's low glycemic index, but honestly, I recommend them to everyone!"


Holly Davis (costume designer)

Sinead McCafferty (actor - lead on Broadway for Riverdance)

Jasmine Lobe (actor - Dirt/Law and Order)

Kelly Schumaker -Detroit Shock WNBA

Julie Henderson Model former Notre Dame basketball standout