Your Goals

How do Washboard Waffles & Pancakes benefit my goals?

Weight Loss

The key to losing weight/body fat is to burn more calories than you consume. In order to burn calories you must increase your metabolism and keep it elevated all day long. Eating the Washboard Waffles/Pancakes for meals (full serving) and eating them in between meals as healthy snacks (half serving) during the day will help you to meet your weight loss goals. The Washboard Waffles/Pancakes have an energy composition that stimulates fat loss and boosts energy metabolism to work with your fat loss goal!

Muscle Weight Gain

For those who want to gain muscle weight, the Washboard Waffles/Pancakes are a perfect addition to the normal foods you are taking in all day long. The full serving gives you 200 calories and 22 grams of high-quality protein (from milk protein isolate) and low glycemic carbs, which is great for stopping muscle catabolism and promoting muscle growth (anabolism). Washboard Waffles/Pancakes are also a great food to eat right after workouts on your way home to the kitchen before your next big meal.

Body Weight Maintenance/Control

The Washboard Waffles/Pancakes can be enjoyed any time of the day for meals and snacks that are healthy, quick, tasty and easy to just eat and give you a great burst of energy that will keep your day moving full speed ahead throughout your hectic day. The best part is that you will not get hunger spikes and mood swings from it. Unlike other waffle products made with flour and sugar, Washboard Waffles/Pancakes keep you sustained and happy until it's time for your next meal!