How To Eat Your Washboard Waffles & Pancakes

Plain or Apple/Cinnamon are both great without anything added, but if you need some ideas for a creative twist, try the following:

* Plain Washboard Waffles can be used as a 3 grain flax bread.

Fill the holes with hummus, mustard or your favorite low fat calorie condiment, top with turkey, ham or roast beef and veggies for a great healthy and tasty flourless, 3 grain and flax sandwich.

* If you are craving something a bit sweeter, then blend with the agave and throw in some chocolate or carob chips for a healthy and tasty chocolate chip waffle or pancake.

* Apple/Cinnamon Washboard Waffles are great with peanut, almond, or cashew butter; it's a fiber rich healthy fat and high protein sandwich!

Add banana or apple for a delicious dose of fruit and nuts in a flourless sandwich. Plain batter can also be used to make herb bread by adding sundried tomatoes, naturally dehydrated veggies, or herbs. The bread can be used as a tasty accompaniment to soups, dips, or for making a sandwich!

For a daily dose of fruit and dairy, top the waffles with fruit and yogurt, or cottage cheese, for a healthy and tasty breakfast or low calorie, high protein dessert.

Healthy, tasty, and easy to make, enjoy your Washboard Waffles or Washboard Pancakes not only for breakfast, but anytime!