How To Use Your Your Washboard Waffles & Pancakes

The Washboard Waffle comes in handy all day long. It's an Anytime, Anywhere healthy tasty food!

As an in-betweener

Eat 2 waffles for a quick and nutritious 100 calorie small meal/snack.

*In the car

*In the office

*In the meeting room

*In the classroom

*On your way to a workout

*Or on your way home after a workout

In Life

* Kill sugar cravings

* All day energy

* Avoid skipping meals

* Kids Lunch

Travel/On-the-Road Instructions

Once your Washboard Waffles are cooked, you can use them for more than just a healthy tasty breakfast. We recommend that you carry them with you for all day energy and as a on-the-go food. Just do not leave them in your hot car, direct sunlight, or humidity. The lack of artificial preservatives means they will spoil quickly in these conditions. However, they are safe to carry with you in an air-tight bag or container all day everywhere you go!

Whenever you eay your Washboard Waffles......they are healthy and tasty!